Building Pathology / Single Defect Surveys

Single Defect Surveys involve us finding the root causes to defects and faults within your home, and offering recommendations for possible remedial works.

Defects that we often come across are dampness, structural movement and water ingress.

We take a holistic approach to Single Defect Surveys; this means that we look to see whether there are other underlying problems within the home which may be causing the defects.

We take a conservative approach by always recommending the minimal, most cost effective methods, and those methods that we know will work for you and your property, in doing so we prevent you from incurring unecessary costs.

Most building defects are the result of environmental issues, material deficiencies or construction defects.

We carry a plethora of equipment to every survey which allows us to analyse the problem with minimal fuss and disturbance and will leave your property clean and tidy.

We provide a full written report where included in the fee, which will contain recommendations for repairs in an easy to read format.

Domestic Pre-Purchase Inspections

We have devised our own comprehensive Domestic Pre-Purchase Survey Report, this is suited to anyone wishing to purchase a property older than 10 years and is benchmarked against the RICS Level 3 (Building Survey).

The service consists of a detailed visual inspection of the building, its services, and the grounds. The report objectively describes the form of construction and materials used for different parts of the property.

The report describes the condition of the property and provides an assessment of the relative importance of the defects/problems.

The report will describe the identifiable risk of potential or hidden defects, propose the most probable cause(s) of the defects based on the inspection, outline the likely scope of any appropriate remedial work and explain the likely consequences of non-repair. The report will also make general recommendations in respect of the priority and likely timescale for necessary work, and identify and describe the legal implications of ownership in detail and give an indication of likely costs.

You can see an example of a report on our YouTube channel by clicking below.

Snagging Surveys

Buying a new home can be a risky business, when you think that buying a brand new property is a safer bet than an older one, you should know that a ten year old property will tend to have less defects than one which has only just been built.

It is a fact that the quality of construction has fallen progressively over the last 10 years due to a number of factors.

We can undertake a comprehensive snagging inspection on your new property which will give you peace of mind and will allow you to make your purchase with a clear understanding and a record of the defects/snags that need to be addressed by the developer.

Party Wall Consultancy

We offer party wall consultancy as one of our services and as such we can be appointed as Party Wall Surveyors under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

A Party Wall is a wall which you share with your neighbour, or can be an adjacent structure such as external garden wall or garage.The Act is also relevant where you are intending on carrying out excavations with three/six meters of a neighbouring structure and where the new foundations are likely to exceed the depth of the existing neighbouring foundations.

The Party Wall Act was put in place by the Government to help avoid and resolve disputes which relate to Party Wall matters without the need for expensive and prolonged legal action through the courts.

If you or a neighbour are proposing works such as – raising or lowering a party wall, underpinning the party wall, excavating foundations within three metres of a neighbouring structure, building a new wall on the line of junction – you will need to serve notice. You can find out more details about the Party Wall Act by clicking below.

Expert Witness

Through our extensive experience in construction methodology and construction defects, we are able to provide you with guidance and assistance where you have been let down by your contractors and need a proffessional view, all the way through to providing Civil Procedures Rules - CPR35 - compliant reports.

Our aim as always is to help our clients by taking a proactive and professional approach, but with kindness, care and understanding.

We take a calm and measured approach and will always be honest with you when it comes to making important decisions about the potential success of your case in order that you do not waste your time and money pursuing a case where you may have little chance of success.
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