Free damp surveys!!??

So, you have some damp issues, who do you call? Ah, that damp expert that was offering free damp surveys….who were they again?

Well there are quite a number of them…the problem is, are they really free? Well you certainly don’t have to pay anything up front, oh, and you don’t have to use thier services to do the work, but if you don’t then who will you use to do the work?

Confused? Don’t be!

Why are they offering free surveys…? Because the likelihood is, they will recoup the cost several times over when you instruct them to start injecting magic lotions and potions into your walls, hack off your historic plaster and replace it with nice grey cement render!

Oh, the best part is that having done this, they will guarantee you will be damp free for years, or at least that you won’t see the damp anyway!

If you are considering having damp treatment please speak to us first, we don’t offer free surveys, however, we do offer independent surveys! We don’t offer a guarantee, but we do guarantee not to specify uneccessary work, we don’t just protect your investment from damp, we protect you from being ripped off, we protect your living environment, we protect your health, and best of all, we don’t disappear when you need us most!

Of course not all damp proofing companies are bad….

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